Waterbeach Barracks - the next chapter
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Audio credit - Nature sounds recorded at Waterbeach Barracks by Richard Youell

With mature landscape including woodland, a 23 acre lake with wooded islands and wide-open spaces, Waterbeach Barracks will offer an unparalleled lifestyle.

Nature is our greatest asset
Encompassing the incredible inherited landscape
The incredibly mature and diverse inherited landscape is what sets Waterbeach apart. From the lake to mature woodland and wide-open spaces.
Bee orchids can be found in our grassland habitats. The flower is distinct, with pink petals and a brown centre which mimics the body of a bee.
The 23 acre lake has an unusual past. Manmade, it was built for use by the Royal Engineers to test amphibious vehicles. It’s home to some of Cambridgeshire’s most interesting wildlife, from Kingfishers to rare Pondskaters.
Every element has been considered here

From carefully planned cycle and walking routes, convenient train connections, beautiful, future-ready homes and schools, and an array of exciting creative and cultural activities - from great food by the lake to independent shops and events. There is going to be something for everyone.


With an array of exciting creative and cultural activities, from great food by the lake to independent shops and events, there is going to be something for everyone.

0 km of new cycleway
Just minutes from Cambridge and with easy access to London.
Close enough to Cambridge for great city living. Cambridge offers all you’d expect from a bustling city. From tapas to afternoon tea and an array of cultural events, to relaxing in the parks and botanical gardens.
Waterbeach Barracks Cambridge Science Park
With some of the most dynamic employment in the world, Cambridge Science Park is just a short cycle away, and these new homes will address the shortage in the north of Cambridge, meeting demand from both an expanding workforce and local residents who have lived here for generations.
"At Waterbeach, new memories will be created, people can begin an exciting new chapter, Those who live here and work here, will do so amongst a healthy, flourishing area and community, and will become the very heartbeat of this incredible place"
Where our story began

The rich, inherited landscape at Waterbeach has been over 40 years in the making


Waterbeach has over 1000 years of community 

The landscape at Waterbeach Barracks has been crafted by the Royal Engineers, however the history of this place goes back much further. This land was first occupied in the 2nd century and has been home to the Roman who organised farming in the fenlands, the Anglos Saxons who settled in the south of the village and the monks who arrived at Denny in the mid 12th century.


Waterbeach Barracks lies on the edge of The ancient Fenlands of East Anglia with far stretching waterways, feathery reeds and bulrushes, Red Kites soaring overhead.

An existing Causeway alignment which once connected Denny Abbey with the village of Waterbeach will be retained and enhanced, forming the central spine to the development, opening up the landscape for everyone.
Sustainability takes centre stage at Waterbeach Barracks
The already mature and diverse landscape is being enhanced with tens of thousands more trees. This celebration of nature is what sets Waterbeach Barracks apart as an active place promoting health and wellbeing.
Alongside the woodland surrounding the lake we are planting 17,000 new trees in the first phase to benefit the landscape and environment for wildlife and residents alike for years to come.
Planting 0 trees
Work is already underway at Waterbeach Barracks
Follow the progress and find out what's happening now
Work starting at Waterbeach Barracks
With site preparation work underway, find out about the latest news and new opportunities being created at Waterbeach Barracks
The vision for the lake at Waterbeach Barracks
At Waterbeach Barracks, our focus will create a place to be proud of
Enjoying new green spaces
New facilities have been designed to complement and enhance the existing village of Waterbeach
View through trees at Waterbeach Barracks
17,000 trees new trees planted as waterways and wildlife corridors take shape