Mere Way

Connecting Waterbeach to Cambridge Science Park and beyond

Connecting communities

Mere Way is a key part of the vision to provide robust sustainable transport connections from day one of our development. It will deliver a predominantly off road connection for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians, which includes a new connection across a bridge over the A10, improvements through Landbeach village, connecting to the historic Akeman Street and Mere Way routes. The improvement works would see refurbishment of the route to create a 2-3m wide grass route, and a 3m hard surface route, with areas of metalled surfaced route over 4m at key points to allow for agricultural access to adjacent fields.
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Did you know: Mere Way is part of the old Roman Road which connects to Akeman Street and continues in some sections up to the Isle of Ely.

Where are we now

Following on from the consultation, and various discussions with local partners, the proposed scheme has been submitted to the Local Highways Authority – Cambridgeshire County Council - for approval. Alongside this review a Safety Audit will take place, and the final feedback from the County Council will set out the approved route. When this route has been approved we will share this on the website, as well as through local discussions with key partners.

Contractors are lined up to start work on the route in the next few weeks, and we will keep this section of the website updated with details of the planned work and any impacts on local communities and users of the existing route progressing in parallel the detailed construction approaches of carrying out the upgrades to the route.

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