Mere Way Consultation

Connecting Waterbeach to Cambridge Science Park and beyond

Connecting communities

Waterbeach Barracks is being transformed into a sustainable community which puts cycling and walking at its heart: from the layout of the homes, amenities and connections, to early investment in cycle, pedestrian and public transport connections which provide real alternatives to the car for residents. The development has taken a comprehensive approach to looking at how it can support wider connections and journeys. Including connecting Waterbeach and Landbeach; looking at links to key employment locations at Cambridge Science Park and Research Park; and supporting young people and lifelong learners to access Cambridge Regional College safely and sustainably.

This first major piece of infrastructure to be delivered will create a 6.5km cycle connection directly to Cambridge Science Park – along the historic Mere Way. Over recent months, we have been working with key stakeholders and those with key interests along the route to develop designs which deliver this connection in a way which maximises the benefits to as many people as possible, and minimises the impact on nature, heritage and nearby residents.

Before we finalise the plans, we want to open up the design discussions with you and welcome comments before the plans are submitted.

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Did you know: Mere Way is part of the old Roman Road which connects to Akeman Street and continues in some sections up to the Isle of Ely.

The Route

The proposed cycle way will provide a direct connection from Waterbeach to Cambridge Science Park: from just north of Denny End Road, the route includes a cycle bridge over the A10 to connect to Landbeach; links along Green End and Akeman Street, and an upgrade to the existing Right of Way along Mere Way.
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We welcome comments on the design work to date. 

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