Design principles and details

A set of design principles for the route have been agreed with colleagues from Cambridgeshire County Council’s Transport Team. These have been developed through a series of workshops with officers, Camcycle, Waterbeach Cycling Group and local Parish Councils.
Landbeach Akeman Street

These design principles are:

  • Where possible the tarmacked 3m wide route will support two way cycling and walking whilst also accommodating other users.
  • Along the existing Mere Way byway, a 1m grass verge will be maintained each side of the tarmacked route to support equestrian use.
  • On the newly designed route through Landbeach a design consistent with the Greenway projects has been used: 1.5 grass route, with 1.5m tarmac surface.
  • The surface material should allow efficient cycling whilst also being robust enough to support the necessary occasional use by agricultural vehicles requiring access to fields in order to service crops.


The current proposals are in line with County Council standards and seek to balance lighting in key locations.

Key approaches to fencing, bollards and signage are in line with the County Council standard guidance.