Mere Way route

The route along Mere Way follows the line of the ancient Byway, upgrading and widening the evened out surfaces to be 4m along most of the length of the route.

Mere Way map
Mere Way road with no vehicles sign

Upgrades include:

  • Providing a level and smooth surface with grass verges
  • a concrete lipping to the route to stop grass incursion
  • 1m wide verges on either side to ensure equestrian use is maintained, and to provide options for walkers wishing to use the grass route.
  • Maintenance of the hedgerow in key areas to ensure visibility is clear, ensuring the retention of all larger trees along the route.
  • Clear access points maintaining the field and rights of way connections along the route.

The route includes a number of locations where “junctions” have been designed to ensure safe interaction with farm vehicles using this route. These focus on:

  • Layouts which slow people from each direction
  • Increased visibility through management of the hedgerows
  • Signage to warn of other route users

These approaches have been developed with the key farm businesses along the route.

As you approach the junction with Butt Lane, the route includes a cycle, pedestrian and horse-friendly gate, which will help to ensure no vehicles can use the routes, except those accessing the farms.

The route continues south of Butt Lane with 4m width, narrowing to 3m in the final run into the north of Cambridge as the wooded areas to the side of the route increase. It is not felt appropriate to remove the ecologically-rich hedging and young woodland here, and so while the route slims slightly to the standard width of 3m, it maintains its grass verge throughout.

Tracks on Mere Way