Planning to delivery

The principles of the route we are consulting on were set out in the Outline Planning Application for the development of the former Barracks and Airfield at Waterbeach. The team are now bringing forward detailed designs to turn this approval into delivery.

As this route includes areas of existing Highway and areas of new routes being delivered, it will come forward through a couple of different routes. Some will be through a formal planning process – with consultation with key statutory partners and the wider public – and some through Section 278 Highways Agreements* between the County Council and Urban&Civic. The S278 process is a very technical process of design by civil engineers and a series of safety audits, but we are keen to ensure the wider public and partners shape the designs that get formally submitted into that process as much as possible.

The map below/to the right shows the different ways in which each route will come forward.


This area requires a Full Planning Application: Waterbeach Barracks to Green End The land required for this section of the Mere Way Shared Use Route is not currently an adopted highway. The plans require a ‘change of use’ from agricultural land. The proposed development represents the delivery of significant infrastructure and so requires a full planning application to be submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council. A separate full planning application will come forward to include the bridge which will span the A10.
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Delivered through Section 278 Agreement: Landbeach (Hilton Farm) to Cambridge Science Park (Busway NCN51)

The section of Mere Way from Hilton Farm to 1961 Akeman Street (South of Punch Farm) will be subject to works completed within the adopted highway. To the south of this to the Cambridge Science Park (Busway NCN51) the Mere Way route is a byway. Following advice from the Cambridgeshire County Council highway officers it was agreed that the works for the section of the Mere Way Cycle Way from Hilton Farm to the Cambridge Science Park can be delivered through a Section 278 Agreement.


The Early Phase On-Site Pedestrian-Cycle Routes for Waterbeach Barracks, which Mere Way will lead into will be taken forward as a Reserved Matters Application under Condition 28 of the Outline Application.

The boundary for the separate full planning application for Mere Way will finish where the A10 crossing bridge lands on the Waterbeach Barracks site. The immediate landscaping, permanent works around the bridge landing will be secured through a Reserved Matters Application (RMA) pursuant to the Waterbeach Barracks Outline Planning Consent. This application will allow the Mere Way Cycle Way to connect to the wider on-site and off-site movement routes, including the ‘Early Phase On-Site Pedestrian-Cycle Routes’ secured by Condition 28.

It is also really important that despite these different technical processes of the work coming forward - that the scheme as a whole is presented to all our local partners and local communities, to help us shape the right approach.

On the back of the feedback received here, we will then progress the designs with the planning authorities and once approved start delivery.