Waterbeach to Landbeach

This section will see a cycle and pedestrian bridge take cyclists over the A10. The new bridge will be an important landmark at the gateway to the Waterbeach Barracks development. Therefore, the detailed design of the bridge will be subject to a separate, focused consultation.

Waterbeach to Landbeach route
Trees by road

The route will then cross a field using a 3m wide shared footpath/cycleway – with 1m wide verge either side. The route follows a historic field boundary.

This will then connect to Green End via the existing Hilton Farm access track. New cycle gates will be added which will have a 1.5 gap in the middle to allow cycles to pass.

As the track meets the pavement at the corner with Green End, a new Shared Use cycleway/footpath will be installed, turning south along Green End.

All private accesses will be respected and have been designed into the plan to avoid conflict between cyclists and residents leaving their homes by car, bike or on foot. Most of the street infrastructure will be retained in position, but one telegraph pole will need to be moved slightly at the corner of the track and Green End.

As the new shared cycle and footway goes along Green End, the 3m width will be 1.5m of tarmac and 1.5 m of grass. The route will be two way.

Mere Way field and trees