Longhurst Group appointed as Affordable Housing partner

09 March 2021
Waterbeach Barracks Development
Urban&Civic has appointed Longhurst Group to support the delivery of an innovative range of Affordable Housing options for local people, as part of the development of the former Barracks and Airfield at Waterbeach.

Urban&Civic has worked closely with South Cambridgeshire District Council, to ensure that the development is set up to deliver a wide and varied choice of quality, sustainable homes of different sizes, types and tenures, which meet the needs of different households and age groups. Caroline Foster, from Urban&Civic, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Longhurst Group on what is a key part of the vision for Waterbeach: providing much needed homes for local people and to support good growth in the local area.
“Working with Longhurst Group and South Cambridgeshire District Council, Waterbeach can play a big part in supporting the delivery of Affordable Homes, and crucially doing this in a way that reflects wider commitments to ensure those homes are healthy homes, close to transport links; low carbon homes with low household costs; and offering a range of tenures which give people real choice about the options that work best for them.”

400 homes with different buy and rent options

The first phase of the Barracks development will deliver over 400 homes from the 4 different housing tenures available, which include Affordable Rent, Shared Ownership, Rent to Buy, and Discounted Market Sale.
Urban&Civic selected Longhurst Group as their preferred provider after a competitive process and in consultation with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, who own the former Barracks and Airfield, which Urban&Civic is developing on their behalf. Caroline added:

“Longhurst Group has a good track record of delivery locally, with a number of homes under their management within the village of Waterbeach, and of the new tenures coming forward, but we also have shared values around investing in the community coming forward and providing opportunities and support to families when they need it. They will be a great partner to work with.”

Long term partnership

Speaking for Longhurst Group, Marcus Keys, Longhurst Group’s Executive Director of Growth and Development, said:
“We’re committed to providing the homes people want, where they’re needed most, and this is a shining example of how we collaborate with expert partners in order to realise that vision. We’re delighted to be already working with Urban&Civic and now taking forward delivery with the first housebuilder Stonebond Properties to ensure that we are ready from day one: providing a range of affordable housing options that meets the needs of families across Waterbeach and the surrounding area.
“This is truly a landmark project and we’re proud to be playing our part in bringing it to fruition. To be selected as the delivery partner of the affordable homes on a scheme of this prominence is a significant achievement for Longhurst Group and a resounding endorsement of our standing as one of the leading providers of affordable housing in the Midlands and East of England.”

James Ryley, Principal Surveyor for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) added:

“Waterbeach is an exemplar scheme across Government: ensuring this publicly owned brownfield site works hard to deliver local and national priorities and create not only a great place to live, but a truly sustainable place for the future.”

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