A10 – improvements to existing shared use path

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Improvement works to the shared use path along the A10 are currently under way. The measures form part of the planning framework for the Waterbeach Barracks development and have been approved by the Highways authority – Cambridgeshire County Council – and the planning authority – South Cambridgeshire District Council. They are being carried out by Urban&Civic - who are taking forward the development of Waterbeach Barracks on behalf of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation - under agreement with the County Council.

The work is part of a package of measures to encourage sustainable travel by both new residents in the development and the wider area. This route will also see a bridge being installed over the A10 for use by cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders. The works also come in advance of the planned improvements along the A10 which are being led by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority and have been worked up alongside the Waterbeach Greenway plans for an additional off road cycle connection between Cambridge and Waterbeach.

Where the work is taking place

Work is underway to improve the existing shared use path running alongside the A10 from Denny End Road to Ely Road, Milton. The work will also include improvements to the Car Dyke Road / Waterbeach Road junction and the installation of a Toucan crossing.

Timing and traffic management

Works will start from 31 January 2022 and continue in a rolling programme of works through to early Summer 2023. This work will at times include traffic management closing one lane of the A10, which we will try to keep to off peak wherever possible to minimise the impact on traffic flows. Cycle and pedestrian use of the route will be maintained at all times. Detailed updates on the work programme follow below.

What the work entails

The works focus on widening the existing path, along the length of the A10 from the Barracks site, north of Denny End Road, down to Ely Road Milton. The route will then connect with existing routes through Milton village and to the Jane Coston Bridge to connect to the wider cycle network.

The work along the A10 includes:

  • A continuous separation (buffer zone) to provide a minimum separation of 0.5m between the carriageway and the footway/cycle track.
  • The footway/cycle track is being provided with a new surface course, coloured red, to highlight its presence.
  • The width of the existing footway/cycle track is being increased working within the constraints of the adopted public highway.

The widening is constrained in key areas by existing ‘ditchcourses’ or buildings, and the locations for these pinch points are highlighted on the map.

In key locations where possible, the measures will narrow the A10 carriageway (taking road carriageway currently not used/under used by cars and converting it to be part of the shared use path) and realigning the junction between the A10 and Car Dyke Road.

Work to the Car Dyke Road junction includes:

  • The existing 20m junction radii is being reduced to 15m. This will slow traffic turning left into the junction from the A10 north.
  • The existing small traffic island is being replaced and a much larger pedestrian/cycle ‘refuge’ island is being installed. This will increase safety for those crossing the road and reduce vehicle speeds turning right into Car Dyke Road from A10 south.
  • The refuge island relocation will align closer to the desired line for cyclists and pedestrians, and provide enough space for cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair  users and buggies to cross safely in two movements.
  • The crossing will be provided with tactile paving to assist those with visual impairment.
  • A Toucan style controlled crossing is also being designed to enable crossing the A10 north of this  junction. Details will be shared shortly.

Latest news

29. June, 2022

The new Toucan crossing on the A10 by Waterbeach has now been completed and is fully operational

The crossing has been delivered alongside works to widen and enhance the shared cycle and pedestrian footpath on the A10 from Waterbeach (Denny End Road) to Milton (Ely Road).
Finished Toucan Crossing

13. May, 2022

A10 Carriageway Resurfacing – Night Working

Alongside the ongoing works to widen and enhance the shared cycle and pedestrian footpath on the A10 from Waterbeach (Denny End Road) to Milton (Ely Road), contractors Breheny, are also working to install a new toucan crossing to allow pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross the A10 just north of the Waterbeach Road junction. As part of these works the existing surfacing on the A10 junction must be removed and a new surface laid.

30. March, 2022

Installing a new Toucan Crossing

Alongside the ongoing works to widen and enhance the shared cycle and pedestrian footpath on the A10 from Waterbeach (Denny End Road) to Milton (Ely Road), contractors Breheny will shortly be starting works on installing a new Toucan Crossing just north of the A10 junction with Car Dyke Road.

01. March, 2022

Car Dyke Junction is now reopen to road traffic

Car Dyke Road Junction is now reopen to road traffic while works continue north of the junction on the A10

11. February, 2022

Green Side – Suspension of Parking Green Side, Waterbeach

As a result of the closure of Car Dyke Road bus services are currently following an alternative route, entering and exiting the village via Denny End and using the village green as a turning point.

11. February, 2022

Car Dyke Road Junction / A10

Works started 31 January and will last approximately four weeks, during this time this junction will be closed.

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